“Ribeye Torus” provided by Peter Höhsl

MOPs Documentation

Each MOPs node has a built-in help card that you can access through the “?” button on the Parameters pane, the same as any other Houdini node. These help cards will provide the most detailed information regarding the individual nodes.

The MOPs Wiki

The MOPs Wiki provides the best overview of what each MOPs node does, as well as installation instructions and an introduction to how MOPs works.

The MOPs Tutorial Series in the MOPs Wiki is the best place to get in-depth information on MOPs as a whole. It’s highly recommended that you start there once you get MOPs installed. Animations and example files are included!

MOPs Discord Server

MOPs now has a dedicated Discord server! Get help from the community and chat with other users in real time here: MOPs Discord Server

Example Files

The MOPs download contains a directory called “examples”, which has a bunch of HIP files you can take apart to see how MOPs works. New files are being added on a regular basis to show off different tips and tricks. HIP files are often the best way to learn new things in Houdini, so be sure to take a look!

Video Tutorials

There’s now a video tutorial series on MOPs available for purchase from Houdini School! This course is an in-depth survey of MOPs, including how it can be used for both motion graphics and visual effects, and ends in a crash course in linear algebra and trigonometry that is indispensable for any TD-in-training, or anyone else looking to brush up on their 3D math skills using Houdini as a learning tool.

At Houdini HIVE Worldwide in 2020, Henry/Toadstorm goes into detail on some MOPs setups that can help show you how it can be used in production. The example files from this presentation are included in the /examples folder of MOPs as of v1.1.14.

For full-length tutorial videos about MOPs Plus, look here: MOPs Youtube Channel.

MOPs Forums

The MOPs Forums are a great place to get help from the community and MOPs developers.

Reach out!

If any of the above methods aren’t working for you, feel free to reach out directly.

Header image provided by Hoang Anh Nguyen.