A Toolkit for Motion Design

MOPs is a free, open source suite of Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs) built to help motion designers and visual effects artists animate things more easily and intuitively.

Complex node networks and transformations are made simple with intuitive controls for duplicating, rotating, bouncing, aiming, and all kinds of other common motion effects. Take advantage of Houdini’s speed, power and flexibility, without needing to write complex expressions and custom VEX for every little problem. Use MOPs Falloff tools to modulate the effect of any other MOPs tool, or just use them to make point attributes you can use anywhere else in Houdini as masks, multipliers, and the like. MOPs operates entirely natively within Houdini… all you need is an id attribute.

“MOPs Demo: Coils” by Henry Foster

A Framework for Transformations

MOPs is built around a few low-level “API” nodes that make it easy to transform packed primitives along their local axes (or any arbitrary axes!) and to blend the transforms of objects together in an intuitive way. These nodes can also be used by Houdini-savvy technical artists to create new custom tools!

Easily match various resolutions of packed primitives, transform packed Alembics in their local spaces, modify rigid body simulations after the fact, and more!

“Redshift is alright” provided by Nick Deboar

Why MOPs?

If you’d like to see a video overview of what MOPs is doing and why, there’s a presentation from Houdini HIVE Worldwide that goes into great detail about what MOPs is intended to do, and why it’s so helpful. Check it out here:

Free, as in Free Beer

The core MOPs toolkit will always be free and open source (it’s licensed under LGPL, so your company probably won’t mind it). MOPs Plus, the commercial add-on to MOPs, is licensed separately.

If you’d like to donate the MOPs open source project, there’s a link below, but you’ll get more for your money if you purchase a license of MOPs Plus instead. Either way, thank you for any contribution.

MOPs Plus

Extend MOPs into DOPs with the MOPs Plus commercial add-on to MOPs. Use familiar tools to manipulate RBD, POP and Vellum simulations with intuitive controls. MOPs Plus also adds extra nodes outside of DOPs to manipulate cameras, generate collision geometry, create ready-made typography for animation, rendering and simulation, and more.

Thank you!